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Top 10 Auto Tech Startups - 2021

As the aftereffects of the COVID-19 pandemic slowly wear down, auto tech companies and manufacturers are keen on identifying which automotive technologies are likely to thrive after the pandemic. The automotive industry has consistently been recognized as an early innovator and continues to be driven by the latest developments in the industry. Over the last decade, concepts like autonomous cars, connected vehicles, shared vehicles, and electric vehicles have become a reality. The rapid progression of Electric Vehicles (EV) can be witnessed across the U.S., Europe, and China, with many other countries joining the bandwagon.

While connectivity has always been touted as a potential area of exploration for car manufacturers, there has been limited success beyond connected navigation and entertainment. Car manufacturers are now closely working with software developers and technology companies to create a more personalized and fully integrated connected vehicle experience. With entertainment as the prime focus, automakers look to incorporate more sophisticated audio and video options into cars. Consumers can stay connected to family and friends while their vehicles share driving and diagnostic data with the cloud.

The disruption caused by the pandemic has made consumers increasingly reliant on digital channels to research automotive options and make their final purchases. Online platforms allow customers to evaluate different models, visualize custom options, make purchase decisions and even negotiate pricing. Leading autonomous car manufacturer Tesla, which already used online sales channels, has become a trendsetter in the industry, with carmakers like Volvo and Daimler following in its footsteps.

In order to help CIOs steer through the ever-evolving auto-tech space and find the solution that best suits their needs, Auto Tech Outlook has examined and selected the leading-edge Auto Tech startups and shortlisted the organizations that are leading the charge in resolving the prime challenges in the auto tech arena.

We present to you Auto Tech Outlook’s “Top 10 Auto Tech Startups - 2021.”

    Top Auto Tech Startups

  • CruisiO is a cleantech autotech firm that provides a patented biomimetic technology solution that dramatically improves fuel efficiency in gas/hybrid electric vehicles, ships, and generators. CruisiO’s patented Pulsed Cruise Technology is inspired by nature, which uses momentum in combination with pulsed drive systems to create increased efficiency to travel further. The company provides an active, fuel-saving, and emissions-reducing technology that they can easily retrofit fleets with. Tried and tested, CruisiO’s technology yields between three and twenty percent fuel savings without affecting a driver’s experience during their journey.


  • The California-based clean-energy company delivers a unique patented technology that focuses on networking the grid, thereby, enabling automotive manufacturers to solve the capacity problem associated with EV charging grids. What makes Power Hero’s hardware, the CameoTM and ePortTM unique is the fact that they can retrofit any charging station or electrical access point into a networked EV charging station. With Power Hero, consumers can breathe a sigh of relief knowing they can navigate to the charging stations as soon as possible. Their strategy is to license patented technology and partner with EV charging companies and state and local governments to make the existing grid much more efficient.


  • Argo AI

    Argo AI

    Argo AI is a technology platform company working with leading automakers to deliver a fully integrated self-driving system that makes getting around cities safe, easy, and enjoyable for all. The company’s team’s extensive experience in robotics and artificial intelligence complements its partners’ expertise in manufacturing high-quality vehicles at scale to build self-driving technology clients can trust. Argo AI is a group of individuals driven by strong values to solve complex problems together, the Argo Way.

  • Aurora


    Aurora was started by industry luminaries with a vision to safely accelerate the adoption of self-driving technology. The company is building the next generation of self-driving with powerful, independent, and robust technology—the Aurora Driver—at its core. Through an ecosystem of partners across the transportation industry, Aurora aims to broadly deliver the benefits of self-driving technology. With a team of unparalleled depth and expertise, Aurora builds the technology, product, and partnerships to build a business that transforms how goods and people move through the world.

  • AutoX


    AutoX is building the most advanced AI drivers to empower the world to accelerate the advent of fully driverless cars. AutoX’s self-driving platform is capable of handling the most challenging and dynamic traffic scenarios in urban cities around the world. AutoX is the first and the only company in China operating a fully driverless RoboTaxi service on public roads without any safety driver. AutoX also obtained the world's second driverless RoboTaxi permit from California.



    BYTON is a globally reaching start-up company that is building. The company aims to become a global pioneer in the coming era of connected mobility by designing our cars as a fully connected smart devices on wheels. BYTON brings the best of the world’s expertise together. BYTON believes that the future of mobility revolves around refining life on the move. While the company’s cars have horsepower, its global start-up focuses on digital power-enhancing and advancing the technology, fueling customer user experience.

  • GhostWave


    Located in Columbus, Ohio, GhostWave is a startup committed to revolutionizing the radar space. The company's product has applications in three main areas: Unmanned aircraft systems, automotive collision-detection sensors, and studying bees. GhostWave aims to revolutionize the radar space by introducing an innovative approach to radar that improves the safety, security, and reliability of radar systems. GhostWave radars utilize its patented, pseudo-random radio frequency generator to solve the problems presented by other methods. By using pseudo-randomly generated radio frequencies, the likelihood of a nearby radar utilizing the same frequency at the exact time dramatically decreases.

  • Nauto


    Nauto has the only real-time, AI-enabled fleet and driver safety platform that helps predict, prevent and end distracted driving. By analyzing billions of data points from over 1 billion AI-analyzed video miles, Nauto’s machine learning algorithms continuously improve and impact driver behavior before events happen, not after. Nauto has enabled the largest commercial fleets in the world to avoid more than 70,000 collisions, resulting in nearly $300 million in savings. Commercial fleets worldwide are deploying Nauto AI fleet management software to reduce distracted driving and prevent collisions before they occur.

  • Noodoe


    Noodoe’s mission is to accelerate the world’s transition to ubiquitous connectivity by creating magical innovations that delight people and transform businesses. At the center of its innovations is noodoe Core, a set of core technologies that underpin its work spanning across transportation, insurance, and food service. The company’s technologies include EV charging, EV infrastructure, connected driving, smart insurance, and swift service. Noodoe makes vehicles smarter, empowers people to embrace electric cars, and accelerates the deployment of EV infrastructure.

  • Nuro


    Nuro’s custom electric autonomous vehicles are designed to bring the things customers need—from produce to prescriptions—right to their homes. Nuro’s autonomous delivery can give people valuable time back and more freedom to do what they love. This convenient, eco-friendly, safe alternative to driving can make streets safer and cities more livable. The company has brought autonomous delivery to local communities in Texas, Arizona, and California—for less driving and more thriving.

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